September 22, 2015

Happily Ever After ~ Fort Bragg, CA

Everyone is looking for that fairy tale meeting. Maybe like hitting your future husband with your car as inspired by that famous scene from Back to the Future. Well, Chase and Shara's fairy tale began exactly that way! They definitely have a Back to the Future inspired love. Both Shara and Chase attended Woodland High School and during their senior year Chase decided to attract the woman of his dreams by sauntering in front of her car. Shara decided to give Chase a little nudge, and ended up knocking him down. Chase took it like a man and did what any man would do in this situation; he asked her to prom. The rest was history. This past Saturday marked the next step in their adventure together. This beautiful couple said their I-do's in Fort Bragg, CA. Thank you for letting us be an important part of your special day. Enjoy your preview and we look forward to capturing more memories of the two of you in the future. 

Hair: Erin Schneider, Woodland, CA Make-up: Brooke Murray, Sydney, Australia (friend of the brides)
Flowers: Mendocino Village
Flower Arrangements: Shawn Kramer, Sacramento, CA (friend of the brides)
Tent Rental and equipment: Matt Rowland Events, Mendocino, CA

September 9, 2015

Look Who's Engaged ~ Woodland, CA

A lovely 111 degrees Fahrenheit in the hot September sun in no way compares with this spicy ensemble! Shara and Chase's love is so hot, you could boil an egg on their kisses...or the hood of their Ford F-150! We very nearly forgot that we were all broiling after the first couple of poses as Shara's contagious laugh and Chase's little sparks of humor took the reigns. These two were an incredibly fun and engaging couple. It was very evident that Chase really loves Shara; you go girl! We here at Kelly Lynn Photography are very much looking forward to their beautiful wedding next week. See you there! In the meantime, enjoy these amazing close-ups:

September 6, 2015

Happily Ever After ~ Redding CA

Sherie, a truly amazing woman, full of strength and love, was in an accident over ten years ago which left her paraplegic. A struggle for recovery began which would last for what would seem to be a lifetime. During this trial Sherie's hope dwindled, as joy began to fade, and became only a remnant of what Sherie once knew to be life. It is in our darkest hours that the light of God shines the brightest. After many years of recovery, and a plethora of major surgeries, Sherie met Steve. We were never created to be alone, or feel alone, and at this crucial moment, with all the weight of the world, the loss, and the despair, crushing Sherie's heart, Steve became a very faithful friend. Steve was God's little light in Sherie's darkest days. This little light would grow, over the course of 16 years, into a blazing fire and the two loving arms which would hold, comfort, and cherish Sherie for all of her days.

Sometimes we need a reminder of what this life is truly about.

Please don't wait to read Sherie's incredible story of courage, love, and the strength to overcome.

Please CLICK HERE to read!

*** WARNING, this story may change your life. ***

September 3, 2015

Look Who's Engaged ~ Woodland, CA

The summer is all about the blazing hot sun, droughts, camping trips, mosquito swarms, getting tan, getting burned, wishing the winter were here, the county fair, and getting engaged! Congratulations to Casey and Chelsea! While talking to the lovely couple about their engagement session, we had difficulty deciding which theme to use. It was a hot debate between Casey's choice of the mosquito swarms and sunburns theme, and Chelsea's choice of photographs in a dusty field with the rapper Ice Cube in front of a, "stop the transportation of water", sign. The debate came to a boiling point when Casey tried to explain to Chelsea that Ice Cube had nothing to do with actual ice cubes or water. After the couple took a break to blow off steam, we all reconvened and gave Chelsea and Casey the suggestion that this years Yolo County Fair would made the perfect backdrop for their engagement portraits; they both agreed, although we thought they would as we at Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography know these two FAIR-ly well! We are very blessed to be apart of Casey and Chelsea's lives and are looking forward to their special day.

August 31, 2015

Derosa Family ~ Newport Beach, CA

Another great adventure to Southern California. We successfully met up with the Derosa Family to capture another great session of Paul and Laura. This  booking has been such a challenge. Our first appointment was cancelled due to location issues, our second got cancelled due to weather. I guess third time is a charm in this case! Laura once again ran the show with her adorable poses. She was extremely focused for a two year old. Pau,l on the other hand, provided amazing poses for a while but then was more interested in the waves and making sandcastles. Love being able to see these children grow-up. See you guys in November!! 

July 18, 2015

Welcome to the World Lakelyn! ~ Sacramento, CA

Lifestyles of the Cute and Famous! Welcome to Sacramento, CA where you'll find a little girl who is the apple of mommy and daddy's eyes, the beautiful Lady Lakelyn. We were afforded the interview of a lifetime and were invited into Lakelyn's home. Upon arrival, a photo shoot took place where she glamorously posed in several of her favorite color schemes that adorn the inside of her 8 x 10 mansion chamber. Lakelyn, known as the "Firecracker" by many of her adoring family fans, shared with us some of her deepest feelings, including her disdain for "sleepy time", and her great loving affinity for her servants, mummy and daddy, and their luxuriously comfortable arms. This fashion diva's home comes equipped with high-tech sound equipment which surrounded us in the soothing music of famous nursery rhymes, which Lakelyn explained calm her, in times of unfortunate wet diapers and, in the evening hours when bedtime approaches. Lakelyn then impressively imitated a scene from her most recent film, The Littlest Narcoleptic. Below we show pictures documenting the glorious visit. Thank you Lakelyn!

June 29, 2015

Happily Ever After ~ Malibu, CA

All weddings have ups and downs, however Emily and Neph's big day won a gold medal in the gymnastics portion of the Olympics. From fainting spells to the photographer getting stung in the face by a wasp, this day was full of surprises! But the best part of the day was when Emily walked out and we saw the joy and love in the couple's eyes. Congratulations, Emily and Neph, on your Olympic gold medal, and your first steps together as husband and wife. We love you both!  

Venue: Calmingos Ranch