May 19, 2015

Fuentes Family ~ Woodland, CA

What a great day!  Beautiful weather, beautiful setting, and three gorgeous women! We had fun at Woodside Park last weekend with the Fuentes girls and their little friends. This family is full of love and are so incredibly vivacious. I think the photos showcase their best qualities, don't you?

May 5, 2015

Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks: Must-Have Photos!

With all the excitement and stress associated with your wedding day, there are some images that you may not think of as important. I have found that, soon after the wedding, brides wish they had asked me to take this shot or that pose. To avoid after-wedding photo regret, here are some images you thought you might not want, but probably will!

Just Hanging Around!
A pre-dance floor dress is the perfect memory to capture. A personalized-hanger and/or clever backdrop 
will also make this image. 

Stop and Smell the Flowers!
This is a must! Unless you have a bouquet that will last forever this special bundle will soon wither away. The best way to keep it's beautiful color is through an image only your photographer can capture. 

Forget the "Say Cheese"!
No one looks amazing in stiff and stuffy formal portraits - make sure that your photographer captures a few candid moments with everyone being themselves. 

Location Location Location!
This is an awesome one for those of you having a destination wedding. Make sure to think about your wedding destination: Is there a notable landmark? Also, attaching fun props to your wedding theme is a great idea as well.

Intimate Moment with the Man of the Day!
Always make sure to have the photographer capture a few amazing moments with your new husband! 

April 16, 2015

Happily Ever After ~ Irvine, CA

Jenna and Mikey met on a Christian dating site in October of 2014.  Mikey's profile caught Jenna's eye right before she was about to delete her account. She shrugged and figured she would give it one more try. That one more time was all it took for fate to take over. Jenna fell in love with Mikey's love for the Lord and was inspired by the faith he had. They had your typical modern day courtship from text messages to emails to Skype sessions. After about two months of internet courtship Mikey decided to drop everything and make his way to his future bride. From the moment they met they knew that the Lord had placed His seal of approval. So this past Saturday evening we joined them at the Irvine Clubhouse in Irvine, California to congratulate Jenna and Mikey as they exchanged vows and then partied the night away. We have known Jenna for many years and can see the joy that Mikey brings into her life. Excited to see what the future holds for you both! 

April 15, 2015

Baby Baptism ~ Irvine, CA

Last Saturday morning, we were fortunate to be invited to Irvine, California to the St John Neumann Church to photograph the baptism of Garrett and James. Garrett took in all the sights and blissfully soaked up the attention. Little Mr. James, our  home body, wasn't quite sure how he felt. However, when it came time for the ceremony, both of them were peacefully sleeping . The ceremony was a joyous occasion and we wish this lovely family much happiness and blessings.

April 12, 2015

Derosa Family ~ San Juan Capistrano

This Friday we returned to sunny Southern California to an amazing wilderness park near Hamilton Oaks Winery in San Juan Capistrano. We met up with longtime clients, the Derosa family, to photograph Paul and Laura's quarterly portraits. This had to be our favorite session! Even with Laura's "terrible" two phase she still had a blast being photographed. Laura really ran the show! She told us the poses that needed to photographed and even told Paul when it was his turn. She loved looking at the back of the camera to see the images of her and her big brother Paul. We love seeing how much these two wonderful kiddos grow up with every session. Such a blast and we can't wait for our session in July!

April 7, 2015

Let's Go Party ~ Woodland, CA

The prom is the biggest highlight of the Senior and Junior years of High School. It is at this time in which students get to trade in their t-shirts and skinny jeans, repetitive school corridors, and monochromatic lifestyles, get to dress to the 9's, show their date what they got on the dance floor, and pretend to be...Bond, James Bond. We met Matthew and his mom at Bellisima Bridal Boutique in Woodland, CA and were highly impressed by Matthew's transformation from mild-mannered youth into a sleek looking international spy. This guy cleans up nice and has the added charisma to boot (modeling career?). We were able take some great photographs with Matthew in downtown Woodland, CA, and we think you will be as impressed as we were!

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April 2, 2015

Welcome to the World ~ Laguna Niguel, California

River, the precious daughter of Corey and Rachel, was brought into the world on March 4, 2015. This "California Girl" weighed a healthy 6 pounds and 15 ounces, and was 18.5 inches long! We have been blessed to be a part of Corey and Rachel's life for the past 5 years and have been there through it all: their engagement, Christmas and other holiday cards and parties, their beautiful wedding, and now begins a brand new chapter. River is such a sweet little one, so calm and alert. One can tell that River is a very aware and intelligent little girl (she must get that from her mother...just kidding Corey!). This precious newborn is so peaceful; she hardly made a peep during the session! Take a look!