August 31, 2015

Derosa Family ~ Newport Beach, CA

Another great adventure to Southern California. We successfully met up with the Derosa Family to capture another great session of Paul and Laura. This  booking has been such a challenge. Our first appointment was cancelled due to location issues, our second got cancelled due to weather. I guess third time is a charm in this case! Laura once again ran the show with her adorable poses. She was extremely focused for a two year old. Pau,l on the other hand, provided amazing poses for a while but then was more interested in the waves and making sandcastles. Love being able to see these children grow-up. See you guys in November!! 

July 18, 2015

Welcome to the World Lakelyn! ~ Sacramento, CA

Lifestyles of the Cute and Famous! Welcome to Sacramento, CA where you'll find a little girl who is the apple of mommy and daddy's eyes, the beautiful Lady Lakelyn. We were afforded the interview of a lifetime and were invited into Lakelyn's home. Upon arrival, a photo shoot took place where she glamorously posed in several of her favorite color schemes that adorn the inside of her 8 x 10 mansion chamber. Lakelyn, known as the "Firecracker" by many of her adoring family fans, shared with us some of her deepest feelings, including her disdain for "sleepy time", and her great loving affinity for her servants, mummy and daddy, and their luxuriously comfortable arms. This fashion diva's home comes equipped with high-tech sound equipment which surrounded us in the soothing music of famous nursery rhymes, which Lakelyn explained calm her, in times of unfortunate wet diapers and, in the evening hours when bedtime approaches. Lakelyn then impressively imitated a scene from her most recent film, The Littlest Narcoleptic. Below we show pictures documenting the glorious visit. Thank you Lakelyn!

June 29, 2015

Happily Ever After ~ Malibu, CA

All weddings have ups and downs, however Emily and Neph's big day won a gold medal in the gymnastics portion of the Olympics. From fainting spells to the photographer getting stung in the face by a wasp, this day was full of surprises! But the best part of the day was when Emily walked out and we saw the joy and love in the couple's eyes. Congratulations, Emily and Neph, on your Olympic gold medal, and your first steps together as husband and wife. We love you both!  

Venue: Calmingos Ranch

June 27, 2015

Welcome Little Jordyn!! ~ Whittier, CA

Newborn sessions are an absolute joy. The beauty of life and love you see in a newborn are beyond anything you could ever imagine. This past Friday in Whittier, California, Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography had the blessed opportunity to have a session with Little Miss Jordyn. These photographs are definitely among our favorites! Jordyn was particularly peaceful and gentle. She made it through the entire 60 minute session without even crying or using the backgrounds as a diaper! This is truly an incredible feat, and like "Brigadoon", appears only once every 100 years. Jordyn's parents were an absolute joy to work with and we are so glad we were given the opportunity to be a part of this special moment in this family's life.

June 21, 2015

Welcome Little Olivia! ~ Sacramento, CA

We were privileged to visit Pricila and her husband, Randy, at their new home in Sacramento, CA to photograph their newest family member, Olivia.  What a pleasure to meet this sweet girl! One of the best things about this session was that Pricilla had a clear vision about the décor of the baby's room. This allowed us to create beautiful images while still matching Olivia's newborns outfits and props to her room colors and/or themes. What a great way to decorate your home by using photos of your very own baby. It already looks like Olivia will grow up to be a beauty just like her mother! Help us welcome Olivia into the world:

May 19, 2015

Fuentes Family ~ Woodland, CA

What a great day!  Beautiful weather, beautiful setting, and three gorgeous women! We had fun at Woodside Park last weekend with the Fuentes girls and their little friends. This family is full of love and are so incredibly vivacious. I think the photos showcase their best qualities, don't you?

May 5, 2015

Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks: Must-Have Photos!

With all the excitement and stress associated with your wedding day, there are some images that you may not think of as important. I have found that, soon after the wedding, brides wish they had asked me to take this shot or that pose. To avoid after-wedding photo regret, here are some images you thought you might not want, but probably will!

Just Hanging Around!
A pre-dance floor dress is the perfect memory to capture. A personalized-hanger and/or clever backdrop 
will also make this image. 

Stop and Smell the Flowers!
This is a must! Unless you have a bouquet that will last forever this special bundle will soon wither away. The best way to keep it's beautiful color is through an image only your photographer can capture. 

Forget the "Say Cheese"!
No one looks amazing in stiff and stuffy formal portraits - make sure that your photographer captures a few candid moments with everyone being themselves. 

Location Location Location!
This is an awesome one for those of you having a destination wedding. Make sure to think about your wedding destination: Is there a notable landmark? Also, attaching fun props to your wedding theme is a great idea as well.

Intimate Moment with the Man of the Day!
Always make sure to have the photographer capture a few amazing moments with your new husband!