November 27, 2015

Holiday Mini-Session ~ Old Sacramento, California

On November 27th, 2015, the Ocegueda family and Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography rendezvoused at ye' Old Sacramento, California for their very own picture perfect Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography Holiday Mini-Session. There are so many different amazing backdrops to choose from in this eclectically old-fashioned wonderland, and we highly recommend checking out the location if you have yet to do so, and they seem to be giving away samples at Candy Heaven, so you're going to want to make sure that happens. We've known the Ocegueda family for decades, and we at Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography are so joyful that we had the opportunity to spend time with them and take some great photos. That was one really great session, as this family is really easy-going, good looking, and their son, Joey, thought Patrick was hilariously fun, like a giant toy robot that you can only play with at your friends house. Leaf battles ensued between Joey and Patrick which sparked BIG smiles on Joey's face, as well as grandpa's, which was not at all intended to happen, but we're all glad it did. Once again Patrick is out of energy, and once again a child has been entertained (and an older fellow), and once again, lives have been changed. Mission accomplished, and thank you 
Ocegueda family for allowing us to the opportunity to be a part of your life. We at Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography hope that Joey enjoyed his surprise, and that your family cherishes these photos from now, until next holiday season, when we take more. Happy Holidays!

November 24, 2015

Holiday Mini-Session ~ San Juan Capistrano

 The Hamilton Oak Winery in San Juan Capistrano, California has been Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography's (KLJP) favorite spot for the past six years; it is quite possibly, the perfect location. And unfortunately, the location has been blown away... The meteorologists called it, the perfect storm. If we at KLJP had only known... The combination of perfect family, perfect lighting, and perfect location created a meteorological phenomenon known as: the Brophosanprophotocyclonography, a storm which occurs only once every two-million years in which loud clicks, light flashes, and the wind of creativity strike all at once in a devastatingly amazing display of overwhelming force unlike any that the human race has ever experienced! Some said it was just a myth, but it's not! Oh the humanity...displayed in the Brophy photos! We had taken this family's pictures over the years, a wedding, a pregnancy, and newborn photos, all of these were perfect. Yet we had been warned by top scientists that a perfect baby with developed motor skills and the ability to make kissy-faces at just the right time might just be the trigger to push it all over the metaphorical ledge of amazing, and it did. 
We will miss you Hamilton Oaks Winery, you were loved by all.

November 21, 2015

Holiday Mini-Session ~ Irvine, California

Irvine Regional Park in Irvine, California is one of Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography's (KLJP) favorite locations for creating relaxed and naturally fun photographs, and the tradition continued with the naturally fun and relaxed Eysken's family. It turns out that real trees actually make a great backdrop for displaying family trees as several generations turned out for the family's first official KLJP Holiday Mini-Session! However, trees also create a vicious tripping and bumping hazard with their emphamous, yet necessary, root systems as we discovered halfway through the KLJP Holiday Mini-Session as little Miss Carly really got into method acting for a moment as she fell and bumped her "egg noggin" on a root and proceeded to turn Christmas red. Santa, we know you saw this occur, and saw how much of a trooper Carly was, and therefore respectfully request you send her a pony. Sincerely, you all were a pleasure to work with, and made for a very meaningful photography event. We hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas, and may we suggest having KLJP assist you in creating metal prints  (These we have found to be much more brilliant in color than the traditional canvas) of your exceptional family's photos for holiday gifts. Let us know, and Merry Christmas!

November 20, 2015

Holiday Mini-Session ~ San Juan Capistrano

What a treat to head back down to Southern California for an amazing weekend of Holiday Mini-Sessions. First up, the Reese Family.  We have known these guys for 10 plus years. We've photographed Lenore in her wedding dress.  We've seen Lenore and Michael's daughter Riley grow up right before our eyes. We've photographed every milestone from her Newborn portraits to her recent 2 year portraits. Lenore purchased our "Grow with Me" Collection. The collection includes 5 sessions from Newborn through the first year. The Reese's received an 8 x 10 from each session and an amazing scrapbook at the end of the year to remember all those fun moments and milestones. It is our pleasure to show you the 2015 Reese family holiday photos.We captured some great images even with (or maybe because of?)  Riley's two year old antics! Look for more of Riley's captivating personality in future sessions.

November 18, 2015

Holiday Mini-Session ~ San Juan Capistrano

What a pleasure to meet up with the Quintos Family again, this time in San Juan Capistrano, California. Remember the newborn photos of baby Oliver?  Just check him out now! It's been such a pleasure to watch little Oliver grow into such a delightful young man. He's got a grin that just won't quit! This family shows such love for each other that they make it easy to capture the joy during their sessions.  We love working with Quintos and look forward to seeing Oliver grow throughout the years.  Maybe we should book his senior portrait session?!?

November 4, 2015

Holiday Mini-Session ~ Sacramento, CA

On November , We at Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography had a very special session with Brittany and Abe, who we have known since college! It's amazing to think its been 10 years. Because of our Sacramento roots we found it appropriate to meet around our old stomping grounds, the classy destination known as Old Sacramento. also the fact the Old Sacramento is also exactly halfway between us had something to do with it too! A lot can happen in two years. For example having two children, Jett and Rhya, with another little boy on the way! Jett and Rhya were full of energy during the session, which made for some fantastic family portraits which were beautiful and very full odf character. I would give credit to either the fact that Jett and Rhya can't wait to see their new baby brother, or to the fact Jett and Rhya were offered McDonald's if they were good during the portrait session. This may also account for Abe's excellent behavior as well. It was wonderful to see you both and look forward to working with you all in the near future! Maybe a newborn session (HINT HINT). Enjoy your beautiful Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography Holiday Mini-Session preview. (By the way, Patrick was extremely impressed by your flawless wardrobe execution)! 

October 28, 2015

Holiday Mini-Session ~ Woodland, CA

Welcome to Sugarland Horse Park in beautiful Woodland, CA, one of Northern California's foremost premier equestrian facilities. As their site says, "There's always something fun an interesting going on," which we at Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography (KLJP) can attest to as we attempted to wrangle three joyful and adventurous boys at Sugarland Horse Park for their premier KLJP Holiday Mini-Session. "It was a battle of wits," stated Patrick Jordan (KLJP Second Shooter). We met with Patrick after the session as he was curled up into a ball in the backseat corner of his white 2012 VW Jetta while rocking back and forth. After several questions, we realized an interview would be impossible at that particular time as Patrick continued to respond to our questioning by sobbing and stating the following: "Why did we give them cupcakes?!"
Aiden, Shane, and Carter are an absolute joy to be around, and they made the session bright. They also seemed to have a lot of fun together around the horses, sticks, fake bull, dogs, horses, grassy spots, rocks, horses, and using Patrick as a jungle gym.
Matt and Kirsten, you both are amazing parents, and you're doing a fantastic job. Thank you for all you do for everyone, as I know it must not be easy a majority of the time, but as you told us, a lot of times the right course is not necessarily the easiest. You make the community better, and we appreciate you for it. Keep up the work you two. And boys, if your home is standing in two weeks, we'll buy you more cupcakes.

Sugarland Horse Park

Holiday Mini-Sessions are available until December 31st!
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